Industries We Serve

At Allied Plastic Supply, plastic isn’t just plastic. We’ve redesigned high-performance plastics for high-performance applications across many industries.

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Building/Architectural Plastics

We have a massive selection of architectural plastics for an even larger number of applications.

From exterior applications such as doors, windows and commercial skylights to internal lighting applications such as light diffusion, Allied’s performance plastics are a game-changer for all sorts of building projects.

Our plastic materials are not only affordable, but they're also durable, energy-saving and recyclable.

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Mechanical Plastics

Heat-resistant, electrically conductive, corrosion-resistant and chemically stable – our mechanical plastics are perfect for all engineering uses. Whether you need plastic solutions for CNC machining projects or a variety of mechanical engineering applications, our products provide long-lasting support and protection.

Contact our nearest warehouse today to find out which products best suit your CNC machining projects and other industrial needs.


Orthotics and Prosthetics

At Allied Plastic Supply, we help you create the perfect solution for every patient with affordable, comfortable and high-quality orthotics and prosthetics.

We offer a variety of high- and low-temperature plastic materials that offer top-class technical backup and support. These include medical-grade plastics, such as Proflex, Orthoflex, OrfiTrans Stiff, PETG, colored copolymers, Suborthulen, LDPE, MPE, polypropylene, and many more. We also have medical-grade EVA foams, Plastazote, laminates, carbon braid, cork, carboplast, transfer papers and much more.

Let us help you find answers to your material questions and get valuable technical advice.

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Signs and Graphics Material

Whether you’re looking for materials for intricate or simple plastics signage boards, we have what you need.

Plastic substrates are more durable than traditional options. They can withstand wind, rain and snow and are much more resistant to damage. Plastics signage boards are also customizable and affordable, allowing you to choose the best fit for your needs. We also offer aluminum sheets and medium-density overlay (MDO) plywood as alternatives to plastic.

Choose from a wide variety of options for your custom plastic signs and graphics.

Allied Plastic Supply works directly with our partners to help you find the precise solutions you need. From CNC machining projects to custom plastic signs and graphics, we are confident you will find the exact material you need here at Allied.

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